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      • Great experience! Can’t imagine a better tour company for this beautiful region of Pakistan. Highly recommended. Itinerary: Sost – Gulmit – Karimabad – Besham – Islamabad – Lahore (2015)
      • I have traveled to Kora Korum Highway in Pakistan with Hunza explorers on April. It is one of a great trip in my life. It is very beautify scenery and very friendly and lovely people. There was some unexpected accident but they can solve it fine. Itinerary: Islamabad – Chilas – Karimabad – Khunjerab Pass – Passu – Phandar – Besham – Taxila – Islamabad (April 2015)
        Pat Patpong
        Bangkok, Thailand
      • incredible country “Pakistan” is my legend with your services during 10 days there. Dangerous becomes safe with your two guides. Especially thank you Eshan and Karim for special take care of me and all the other group members on the way down from Fairy Meadows with dangerous way from rains and snow (Wow).. Lots problems from the first day we met such as luggage lost, car mirror broken and stuck us in the hotel one day. Finally with your well manage my friend can get it back. Is you to adjust the itinerary so we can complete all travel places with valuable memory. If I have second chance going there, you are only one company I will choose to travel with the best two guides.. Itinerary: Islamabad – Chilas – Karimabad – Gulmit – Borith – Gilgit – Fairy Meadows – Besham – Islamabad (April, 2015)
        Bangkok, Thailand
      • I just returned home to USA from Pakistan yesterday. I originally planned my visit to Pakistan for reasons other than vacation. However my original plans were cancelled. I contacted Karim from Hunza Explorers and gave him last minute request to accommodate for my travel plans. Karim was able to send an invitation and documents very promptly in order for me to receive a Pakistan visa quickly. I only visited Pakistan for 6 days but was able to see half the country. Karim did a great job putting together an itinerary which catered to my needs and interest. He also took a lot of very professional photos for me throughout my whole trip since my camera was not as good as his. There was no rushing during site seeing as most tours do. He gave me the feeling that I was in control of my own trip and provided me with everything I required. I strongly recommend visiting and experiencing Pakistan with Hunza Explorers. Date: 25 – 31 March 2013 Itinerary: Karachi – Mohenjo Daro – Sukkur – Harappa – Lahore – Karachi
        Dadul Maharaj
        United Sates
      • We are a family that travelled around the world for more than one year and visited more than 30 counties. Pakistan was never in our plans, but suddenly we ended up in this marvels country and we´ll never regret it. We entered from the border with China and went all the way down to Lahore, passing thought Islamabad. Karim and his team were excellent, not only did they a great job showing us the amazing country, but they were very good in helping us solving all the problems we encounter. Often people asks us what has been the best in our world trip, almost always we mention Pakistan and the Hunza explorers. Thank you Karim for facilitating such a great experience. Itinerary: Sost – Hunza – Gilgit – Chilas – Besham – Islamabad – Lahore (June 2012)
      • To whom it may concern, Karim is very helpful and attention to details. He understand travellers’ requirements and always try his best efforts to ensure all matters are well prepared and implemented. I have had pleasant journey with him in my Pakistan trip esp Northern Pakistan. Cheers, Itinerary: Islamabad – Chilas – Fairy Meadows – Karimabad – Gulmit – Borith – Gilgit – Skardu – Besham – Islamabad (October 2011)
        Phuah Yew
      • I was there in summer 2015 and it was so wonderful! I love this Valley so much and all the beautiful mountains. The peoples are so friendly and nice. I never, never forgot my time in this awesome Valley! Thank you so much for guiding me and showing me so wonderful mountains! Itinerary: Islamabad – Chilas – Fairy Meadows (Nanga Parbat), Karimabad – Passsu – Borith – Patundas Meadows – Gilgit – Rupal Face (Nanga Parbat) – Naran– Islamabad July 2015
      • I had a wonderful tour through northern Pakistan organised by Hunza Explorers. I started in China where they have a collaborating organization, then continued down the Karakoram Highway as far as Gilgit, to then take the Pandar Valley route to Chitral. Although they have set tours they were very agreeable to modifications to suit my requirements, which worked very well. Karim Tajik was the most excellent driver/guide, knowing the whole area in great detail and always amenable to my needs, nothing being too much trouble for him. Considering that I had to hire a Landcruiser just for myself, for what I had it was very good value. I can recommend Hunza Explorers more highly. Itinerary: Kashgar – Tashkurgon – Sost – Gulmit -Kariamabd – Phandar – Mastuj – Chitral – Kalash valley – Peshawar – Islamabad 2015
        Dr. Roger Webber
        United Kingdom
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        Tom Johnson
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        Joan Avina
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        John Doe
        Muffin Group
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        Gordon Dale
        Muffin Group
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